Burt's offers a list of local teachers, and their contact info if they wish to participate. 

Teachers may request to be included on the list. Just give a call, or email us the pertinent info.
Music Instruction
Burt's Music and Sound is happy to offer music instruction by trusted instructors.

Music Instructors
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Local Teachers
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North Idaho Music
Teacher's Association
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The Idaho Music Teachers Association is a support group fostering personal and professional growth for music educators. Visit their website for more information by clicking here.


​Dr. Tsareva-Huber is the product of several generations
of Russian classical musicians and composers and was 
introduced to the piano at age 5. She began teaching piano 
herself at the age of 16. She was recognized throughout her 
adolescence as a-"young virtuoso" in competitions she won 
in Kazan, Gorky, Cheboksary and Samara. This culminated 
in the Special Music College Competitions in Russia where 
she placed first with "best .performance of pieces by Russian
composers," first in "best performance of Bach" and first in "best performance of masterly pieces. "
​
Daniel Mills is a guitar instructor and fingerstyle guitarist with 20 years of experience teaching, touring, and performing professionally. And beyond exclusively being a guitar instructor, Daniel is full time a working performer, currently performing 130 nights a year under the moniker Son of Brad (see http://sonofbrad.com). Daniel also owns and operates Inland Talent LLC, (see http://inlandtalent.com), which booking agency manages the entertainment in nearly a dozen restaurants and clubs locally. Daniel has taught guitar to beginners and professional musicians alike. He is a classically trained guitarist, but performs and teaches rock, pop,jazz, and country, utilizing classical technique, but applying it to any genre of music.
​Dan Mills