Eric Burgeson
Born in Forth Worth, Texas in 1949, his family moved to Coeur d’Alene in 1952. Music has been a part of Eric’s entire life. He started playing on his dad’s old harmony guitar, and started taking lessons at age 10. He also studied bass, and was in school choir. In 1965, he joined his first band, The Vibrants from Coeur d’Alene playing bass. He graduated from Coeur d’Alene High School in 1967, and attended North Idaho Junior College for two years. He received an AA in music in 1969. 
It was from watching the early Elvis Presley movies that Gary got interested in playing guitar. At age 8 he started Hawaiian guitar lessons, which he continued until age 13 when he started teaching himself to play at the time what was simply called the Spanish Guitar. 

Gary has a keen interest in world, ethnic and unusual musical instruments.
​Born on the East coast in New York City, Kevin has been moving steadily West ever since—first to New Jersey for junior and senior high school. Next came college in Pennsylvania and a degree in American history, though most of his free time was spent at the campus radio station where he was Chief Engineer. 
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Owner/Band Repair

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